Will Summer Ever Arrive?

May 2019

The place of cycling in our society is set to grow, and I am committed to doing everything possible to encourage that” Gordon Brown, UK and Jacky Winter 2019

I have been very remiss in updating my blog. However, when there is not very much to write about it is difficult to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

It was a very long winter. The first snow fall was in November and the last in April. Our first winter in Brockville was very interesting as the weather kept changing cold and snowy, a little bit of a rise in temperature created freezing rain and then back to snow. The trails and sidewalks became treacherous with snow layered on ice, layered on snow layered on ice. We should have ice-crampons attached to our boots.

The good news, I got a part-time job. That got me out of the house but, my work-out routine dropped off to next to nothing.

Thoroughly enjoying working again – it is part-time (24 hours) per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday although they are very flexible so I can change the Friday to a Thursday, if I want a long week-end. I almost got to pick my own hours. The good thing is that I can still volunteer at the Museum, as I chose not to work on a Tuesday.

Ralf worked out like a crazy person throughout the winter and I dreaded getting out on the bikes again, knowing he will leave me in his dust. However, he is able to go out and do his speed when I am working and when we cycle together he lets me set the speed, I do love him. If it is windy he takes the lead and I draft behind him. We rode last week-end (May 23) and we did 50 kms in 2.25 hrs. Two days later Ralf did the same route on his own in 1:45, he is now the much stronger cyclist.

I joined the Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee (BCAC) at the end of last year (2018). The City has commissioned a Company out of Ottawa to prepare an Active Transportation Plan. I attended my first meeting of the BCAC in November and met the outgoing Chairperson (Alan Medcalfe) for coffee before Christmas. A great person with a wealth of knowledge. In January, I met the Acting Chair Doug George who asked me to be the new Vice-Chair! I was voted into that position during the February meeting.

I was told by one of the older Committee members that they needed young blood and a different perspective. Hopefully, I will live up to their expectations, however, I am not sure how “young” the blood is.

The other thing I did this winter is paint upstairs. The spare room (guest room) after I painted we added a large world map to indicate where our cycling guests have come from.

I also painted the office and Ralf put shelves in the closet for better organization.


Mrs. SweetCheeks the 520 and the MadOne had major services, they are ready for the summer cycling. I bought new tires for the Green Mean Machine, and a minor tune-up apart from that she is good to go.

I have cycled to work a few times and added an extra route on the way home to add a few kilometres.

Now we need the weather to be consistent – warm and sunny and only tail winds. That really is wishful thinking


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