West of Venray to Wesel – 85.3 kms

June 12, 2018

Last night while we were eating our McDonalds we planned our route for today. This morning we cycled back to McDonalds for breakfast.

Venray to Wesel

It was a cool day today. We started the day wearing our windbreakers. The wind once again was in our face, but not as strong as yesterday.

We started our day following the numbers and then crossed the border into Germany. It was nice route again, very rural with lots of farmland. Once again there was no sign indicating we had crossed the border. We knew we were in Germany when we saw the sign below. Germans love to build words. This means: Road usage fee.  Renate translated it as paying to use the road for the horses.

German Sign

This area was a large training ground for horse racing.

Warning Horses Racing

We noticed the area used to be an army base. However, they had converted the bunkers into holiday homes. An interesting use of building.

We arrived in a small town, Kevelar, and found an information sign, where we were able to find the road to continue our route to Wesel. A lady on a bicycle came up to us and asked where we were going and told us to avoid the main road and to follow the “field” roads. She took us to the safe route which went through the fields on a paved road. We were concerned that it would take us all around the houses, but it followed the main roads.

Tower in Keveler

Germany does not have the sign system they use red signs with bicycles on them.

When we got to the small Town of Winnedebonk, we were able to find road signs again to Wesel. We followed these signs, the road was busy however, there was a cycle path all along the side of the road.

Eventually we could see the bridge to cross the Rhine.

Bridge across the Rhine

Noooo, there was a sign saying no bicycles. Fortunately we saw a cyclist coming across the bridge. He directed us to go under the bridge and the cycle route was on the other side.

We found the directions to Ralf’s cousin and headed to her apartment which is very close to the centre of Town. Before going to her house we went into the town to have some lunch.

We arrived at Renate’s apartment and chatted until 10:30 p.m. Ralf struggled a little bit with his German but they managed to get by quite well. Renate speaks really quickly and I could not understand her very well.

I was a little concerned that she gave us her bedroom, we were expecting to sleep in the living room on our mattresses. However, she said that she had to go to work at 5:00 a.m. and didn’t want to disturb us.

We are meeting more of the family tomorrow.

Windmills two for Ralf one for me – running total Ralf 8 to Jacky 4

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4 Responses to West of Venray to Wesel – 85.3 kms

  1. Janet Anspach-Rickey says:

    Hey Jacky and Ralf,
    We are on the Mosel heading for the Rhine! We will be in Koblenz on Saturday, Bingen on Sunday and Rudesheim on Monday, Mainz on Tuesday. Then along the Main Rover to Frankfurt on Wednesday to fly home on Thursday. Janet and Stephen Rickey

    • Winter-Rides says:

      We may cross paths. We should be in Koln tomorrow route and weather permitting we may be in Bingen on Sunday. Where are you staying?

  2. Mat Cotton says:

    I reckon that tower in Keveler is just a windmill with the blades fallen off. Running total 8-4-1.

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