We’re Going on an Adventure

Friday June 7, 2019

Shelley arrived yesterday, and today we spent the morning visiting the Brockville museum, having lunch and me trying not to panic about the impending flight. After seeing the great exhibit on tattoos, we joked that we would get a tattoo while on this trip.

Ralf was working. The Plan was for us to take the car to the train station, lock the keys in the car and then Ralf would come and pick up the car when he finished work.

Now, have you ever tried to purposely lock your keys in the car. Ralf told me to put the keys into the map pocket and then lock the door on the inside and close the door – easey peasey.

  • Locked the front drivers door, keys in the side door pocket – passenger door still open.
  • Back in the car locked passenger door, – back door still open
  • Back in the car –in the back seat, locked all doors from the inside
  • Eureka it worked. Keys were in the car and all the doors were locked.

Shelley and I were laughing so hard. The woman in the car next to us looked at us as if we were crazy.

Then, Oh crap I didn’t buy the parking ticket, the parking ticket needed to go inside the car. Never mind, I would buy it from the machine then put it under the windscreen wiper.

It took me twenty minutes to get the stupid machine to take my payment. The very nice security guard, then told me that there was a 30 minute free parking. Great I will move the car, oops the keys are locked in the car.

The train was delayed, I texted Ralf and he managed to arrive at the train station with minutes to spare.

It was very romantic – Ralf running down the platform to give me a kiss before leaving.

I thought it would be cheaper to eat before going through check-in, I was wrong. We ate an awful and expensive Ste Hubert (chicken) dinner. Then we headed through check-in and waited at Gate 61. Unfortunately, the gate was changed and there was no announcement to inform us of the change!

As an experienced traveler, I realized that they had changed gates and we were now flying out of Gate 51 not 61. I went to check the boards to double check and by the time I returned to Shelley all the French people who were flying to France were telling Shelley that the Gate had changed.

Off we went to Gate 51 and had about 30 minutes to spare.

As mentioned before on other blogs, I hate flying. Shelley however, was very excited and surprisingly it helped me with my fear.


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