We Are Home

August 8, 2018

We are home safe and sound after a long day of traveling and a good nights sleep.

Our taxi to the airport arrived early and we were able to get both bikes in the Mercedes van without any problems.

I hadn’t checked which terminal we were flying from but figured the taxi driver would know. As we came towards the terminals, I noticed that Terminal One did not have Air Transat on the boards, Terminal Three indicated all other Airlines. That is where the taxi driver left us.

We unloaded the mini-van and the taxi driver got us three carts! Two for the bikes and an extra one for the bags. I am not sure how he thought we would maneuver three carts. We loaded the bikes and bags onto the two carts and proceeded into the airport. Just our luck – earlier in the year Air Transat switched terminals and we were flying out of Terminal One. “Out the door, turn left – five minute walk” Five minutes with two bikes and luggage, I don’t think so, especially as I could not see over my bike box. Ralf lead the way and did not waver from his path, people had to move out of his way, otherwise they would get caught in the back of the legs by my hubby on a mission! I followed in his wake. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Even with changing terminals, the bags and bikes were checked in within an hour. We had about three hours to wait before we could board the plane. As with other things in Italy there was no organization to the boarding. The plane is boarding at Gate 16, everyone get on at the same time! Chaos. However, that did not compare with the chaos at Montreal Airport when we landed.

The flight was good, the food was mediocre and there were a few bumpy bits as we came into land – turbulence on landing great. I held on to Ralf’s hand, this was it we were going to die.

We cleared ourselves through passport control (electronic passports) and a cursory look by a border control guy. Then we headed to pick up the bikes and luggage. Eight flights had arrived around the same time. Now one would assume you would have 8 different carousels to deliver all the luggage. Nope, four flights on one carousel and four flights on another carousel. At one point they decided that they would switch carousels for the passengers from France to the same carousel that our luggage was supposed to arrive – five flights. A mass of people headed towards our carousel, absolute chaos.

The bikes arrived before our baggage – at first we were told they would arrive at 8A, then 2A. Ralf got those loaded on the carts and eventually after waiting for over 1.5 hours we headed out to meet our taxi driver.

He had tried to call us, but for some unknown reason, we didn’t get the call. He wasn’t sure if he had missed us. I am not sure how that would have been possible considering we had two huge bike boxes.  He contacted the dispatch to check on the phone number.  There were no announcements to the people waiting that there were delays with the baggage delivery.

A two hour drive home through thunder and lightening storms and we were home safe and sound, exhausted. Local time was 9:00 p.m. Italy time was 3:00 a.m. A quick shower and into bed.

Stay tuned to see where and when the next Adventure will take us.

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9 Responses to We Are Home

  1. Beverly Owens says:

    I’ve enjoyed following you on another great adventure. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  2. Celeste says:

    Thanks Jacqueline and Ralf for another excellent travelogue – and welcome back to the greatest country of all!

  3. luke wensing says:

    Thanks for the stories… not all read yet but will be helpful when we go to Italy in particular. the process of getting ‘there’ and getting “home’ is always a bit of a lottery !

    • Winter-Rides says:

      It is definitely a lottery when you have two bikes in boxes. When are you coming to Canada – research the Bruce Trail in Ontario

  4. Debbie MacKenzie says:

    Glad you have arrived home safe and sound. Quite the adventure. I have been following your posts daily on this trip. Sounds like more bumps in the roads than on previous ones. As they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or something like that. LOL
    Where will you go next? You must have covered the world by now? Look forward to your next adventure. I am with you Jacky…..no more camping!!!

    Take care.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Definitely no camping with the bikes, we still have a bigger tent for car-camping which we might use for the organized week-long rides in the U.S.

  5. D. Tool says:

    Glad you two made it home safe and sound. Really enjoyed the blog comments and the pictures were great. Sorry this trip wasn’t as great as the others. But, it seems you have learned lots from it. Looking forward to more comments and your next adventure. Welcome back.

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