Trek Store – LBS

Trek is my local bike store (LBS).  In my opinion it is the best bicycle store in Barrie.  The service is awesome.  It doesn’t matter if you are 6 or 60 the guys at the store will make sure you get the bicycle that will suit your needs. I recently recommended them to a colleague at work who had not ridden in years.  He went into 3 stores in Barrie and bought at the Trek store because they gave him the service and assistance to make the right decision on a reasonably priced road bike that would suit his needs as a new roadie.

Ralf and I have bought all of our bicycles from the Trek store (5 bikes over 15 years). The only bike I haven’t bought from them is Mrs. Sweet Cheeks as Trek doesn’t produce a touring bike for my short little legs.

They have a great selection of clothes and accessories as well as some great bikes.

If I have a problem with my bicycles I often drop it in for the mechanics to have a quick look at.  I will drop my bike of at lunchtime and it is ready to go by the time I leave work.  Every year they do a great full service on our bikes and will always do a quick service before we go on our week-long vacations.

Trek also promote cycling with their Trek Women that Ride.  The Trek Women that Ride promotes cycling for women both for Mountain bikers and Roadies.  I will be writing about the Cycling Clinics that Meagan Broughton will lead in May and June.  I had great fun last year with the women and we also organized our own Wednesday night ride – just for fun.

TREK Women

The only disadvantage with the Store is that they only sell Trek bikes, but they do have a great selection. Check out the link for the Trek Store – it is  Barrie Store – Trek Bike Store Toronto – Aurora – Barrie.

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