Training Rides – Brockville

May 2018

We went for a beautiful ride this week (mid-May). Brockville’s prevailing winds come from the west, sometimes north-west or south-west but primarily from the west. This means that if you start your ride heading west you are up against a wind. The benefit is that same wind blows you home when you are tired.

We have found a short 30kms route around the small Village of Lyn. We head west, then north, a loop around the village and then head back to Brockville along Highway 2.

Spring Trilliums

On Tuesday this week the sun was shining although the wind was a little chilly we wore our windbreakers. As we cycled along the rural roads we could see green shoots sprouting from the fields. The trees outlining the fields were full of blooms and had a heady scent of apple blossom as we passed. When we came into the Village of Lynn the Lilac blasted us with its sweet aroma. What a lovely ride – the weather is warming up, the fields are coming alive and life is good.

Lilac Highway 2

Ralf has hurt his ankle and has been resting it for a week. I continue to do the training rides around Brockville. The Thousand Island Parkway is an out and back along the same route. The Parkway has an excellent cycle path which leads to Gananoque about 50 kms away. Along the river there are lots of little Islands some big enough to put a cottage on and others big enough for a couple of houses.

Sometimes you spot the strangest people trying to call home.

Harry and Meghan

We are both really enjoying living in Brockville, there are lots of things to do. Multi-cultural festival a couple of week-ends ago, lots of good things to eat and entertainment from around the world – Peru, Ukraine, India, Ireland and Holland.

Last week-end the downtown was blocked for “Street Eats” all the shops had outdoor sales and again more food and entertainment.

The other good thing is we have a Family Doctor already. Ralf called them about his ankle and was told to go to the hospital for an x-ray and then make an appointment with the Doctor for the next day to get his results and the Doctor could check the x-ray and his ankle. Amazing service. There is nothing broken and no sign of arthritis, the Doc thinks it is a strained tendon! Rest, compression bandage and advil.

This week-end we had our first warmshowers guest at our new house.  Lynda is travelling from east to west across Canada (those headwind will be tough).  She was from Auckland New Zealand and lived about 2 kms from Chris my nephews father-in-law who we stayed with at the start of our Grand Adventure Part One.

We are preparing for our trip, the bikes are cleaned and packed, the panniers are packed and ready to go. I only hope that Ralf’s ankle holds out.

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6 Responses to Training Rides – Brockville

  1. Debbie MacMenzie says:

    Have a fabulous trip. Hope ralf’s ankle will b ok.

  2. Nikki says:

    Enjoy xx

  3. Janet Anspach-Rickey says:

    Here you two go! We are in Germany heading for the Saar tomorrow and then to Luxembourg City for a night. Then we will head for the Mosel and work up to the Rhine. I’ll keep watching in case we cross paths!

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