The End of the Year and a Christmas Miracle

December 2018

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreamsGabriel Garcia Marquez

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday December 2, with my lovely husband spoiling me again. Although he was mean to “hide” my present in full view. When we were children my Mum always spoiled us on our birthdays, we didn’t have to do any chores and we got to pick what to have for dinner. Ralf follows on with that tradition. A relaxing day, and a lovely meal out at the Bistro.

My birthday presents!

The bikes are inside and I am settling into an indoor cycling routine. I have included a light weight work-out as part of my fitness routine and walking. Hopefully I maintain my focus and I will be fit and ready to go when we get the bikes back out on the road in the Spring.

I worked on the local By-Election at the beginning of the month, which was interesting but very tiring (14 hours).

Ralf is working with the school bus and on the City Transit. The City job is only 8.5 hours a week at the moment. He will decide in the New Year if it is worth keeping both jobs or only working on one. The City job pays more but is only guaranteed 8.5 hours (two shifts). He may be able to pick up more shifts, but we will see how it goes.

I am volunteering at the local museum and I have also volunteered to be on the Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee, the City is currently undergoing an Active Transportation Plan, which is very interesting.

The Miracle at Christmas

On Black Friday, Chain Reaction Cycles had a great deal – Schwalbe tires at $25.00 a piece, it was a steal.

Chain Reaction Cycles emailed Ralf, the order had been processed and a tracking number dispatched. Ralf waited with baited breath to receive his new tires.

December 3, 2018 the tires arrived in Canada and were held by Customs for less than two minutes, would he be charged a fee, it didn’t look like it he reported with glee.

There may be a delay due to the Post Office strike, but never mind they would be on their way soon, quick as you like.

They arrived in Belleville on December 12, 154 kms away, wait why are they going to Ottawa that is not the right way.

December 13 Ottawa didn’t want them, oh how sad, the tires are back in Belleville that is too bad.

December 17 Belleville tried again, sent them to Mississauga a further distance west, come back tires, oh what a mess.

The phone calls were made on December 18. The wit at the post office had no idea why they were going around and around, but he would stop them and send them homeward bound.

Back to Belleville, oh no Ottawa again, back to Belleville, oh no Ottawa again, back to Belleville, please tires come to Brockville, it is a lovely place.

Finally at 8:00 a.m. on December 23 the tires arrived in Brockville. Almost here, oh no wait, the tracking notice said they were re-routed again, due to a processing error, where would they go next?

We had to stop this merry-go-round.

We walked to the post office without much luck, it was Sunday and there was no truck.

On Christmas Eve the tires were found, at the Smoke Shop Post Office, Brockville, they were sound.

Ralf bought them home, a Christmas Miracle.

We have no idea why these tires went around and around, the address had no errors, none could be found.

Post Script:

Canada Post reported during their Strike Action that they handled over 6,000 pieces of mail every day, we wondered if they counted the same package every time it was handled 16 times for Ralf’s tires. The tires took two days to cross the Ocean, 6,040 kms from Madrid to Toronto. 27 days from Toronto to Brockville 2,280 kms, scanned 16 times by Canada Post. The distance between Mississauga (Toronto) and Brockville is 346 kms they travelled that distance 6.5 times.

Christmas Day

I called my family in England, Wendy and Baz had my nephew and partner, Wayne & Carol over for dinner and Joy went after she had finished work. Nikki and Chris had Dawn, Mark, Yasmin, Sophie and Linds, Nick, Adam and Millie it sounded like pure chaos but as Dawn said it was great to all be together at Christmas, playing games and being together.

Didn’t get to chat to Dave and Di, hopefully I can chat in the New Year.

My eldest sister and brother-in-law Wend and Baz may come for a visit to Canada next year, that was a nice surprise, looking forward to seeing them here.

We met some wonderful people this year, through warmshowers, guests and hosts and hope to welcome more cyclists next year.

Final outdoor cycling kilometres for me: 3,890.79 kms.  Goal for next year 5,000 kms

Final outdoor cycling kilometres for Ralf: 5,134 kms. Goal for next year 5,000 kms.

Ralf and I wish everyone  a safe, healthy and Happy New Year.

Our dreams for 2019 are to cycle the Blueberry Route in Quebec and other more local rides, maybe drift over the river and cycle in New York State. A few organized rides and others that I will plan.  Ralf wants to do RainStorm – 100 miles (yes miles) a day for 5 days and on the 6th day 164 miles. We did it together in 2009, I am not going to do it this time.  I will plan some longer 100 kms rides for both of us to do together.


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  1. Bob Eady says:

    Happy New Year to my favorite inspirational persons. I live vicariously through your adventures while I splash in the pool and run the indoor track in an attempt to defeat the aging process. Look forward to reports of your next adventures although my body gets tired just thinking of all the miles you two travel.

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