Summer in Barrie

June, 2017

June has arrived cool and damp, more rain and cool morning temperatures of 10 degrees. I am riding to work as often as possible. I am getting some really good shifts at the moment 9-5, 8-4 and only one late night and one day on the week-end.

Although I am enjoying the work, and the hours, I am missing touring and riding every day. Finishing our last trip on the high of South Korea and the warm weather we left may have something to do with it. I met with my old employers Bob and Joan Lehman and Bob said “You always know when it was a good country to visit as you start planning to revisit that country again”. Both Ralf and I were already doing that during our last few days in Seoul and Incheon.

Finally in the second week of June the summer temperatures have arrived – with a vengeance highs of 30 degrees with a “real feel” of 35. From one extreme to another. Although the weather has improved, we have only been able to get out a couple of times for longer rides. Of course, on my day off the weather is wet and miserable. Although I did manage to ride to work at least three times per week. There are other cyclists, cycling to work this year. I put in a request for a cycle rack, and the management bought us one. You don’t get unless you ask. However, I needed to have the end spot for my bike because of the racks. Ralf created a label for me – Reserved for Mrs. SweetCheeks! Kevin the store manager commented on the fact that I have reserved parking, but he doesn’t. I suggested he cycle to work and I would let him have reserved parking as well.

I am amazed at how short the season is at the greenhouse. The end of June and the annuals have come to an end and I am back working in the perennial section. There are some nice new people working at the greenhouse this year – specifically Liberty, a lovely person who has recently moved to Ontario from Saskatchewan.

We missed GOBA this year. I really missed meeting up with Beverly and Dick, they are two lovely people that have a great sense of humor and are all around good people. We missed GOBA because Ralf had to send off for a new passport. I didn’t want to book GOBA until we had his passport in hand. Knowing the luck he has been having with travelling and his passport, I didn’t want to have to leave him at home while I cycled on GOBA. Wouldn’t you know it we received the passport the last day of registration for GOBA. Never mind maybe we will cycle GOBA 2019. Next summer we will be off to Europe.

We have been trying to organize our spare room to accommodate four bikes, two desks and a bed! I think I have the plan and will implement it over the next couple of months. First things first, is to clear the shelving unit of “stuff”, photos, slides, binders and books. I will post before and after photos.

The end of June is cool and wet. I really hope the weather improves in July.

On a funny note on Wednesday (June 28, 2017) Ralf met me from work and we cycled to the Air Show that was being held downtown Barrie (over the Bay). This was part of the celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

I had packed our new chairs, which are very light and Ralf had his camera with the new zoom lens. Here are a few reasons why to have a good camera with you on a Grand Adventure. Some of the photos are mine taken with my phone and the rest are from Ralf taken with his new lens.

and now for Ralf’s

It got a little chilly by 8:30 as we were cycling home.  However, being able to cycle past all the traffic was very nice.  We will be going downtown again on July 1st for the Canada Day fireworks.  I don’t think I will take my phone !

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