One, one thousand, two one thousand

Tuesday May 21, 2013

One thousand and one, one thousand and two, remember when as a child your Mum made you count the time from the lightening to the thunder so that you knew how far away the storm was.

Well that was what I was doing on my way home from work tonight.  I had been offered a ride home, but although showers were forecast it was not raining at 5:00pm.  5:10 it started to spit, then the heavens opened and as I got around the lake the first thunder clap – one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three – pedal faster.  I took the shorter route home and as I was turning on to my street one thousand and oh thank goodness I am home.  It was close and I was soaked, but not cold.

Mrs SweetCheeks was dry and clean, before I was.

I am slowly becoming an all weather cyclist, however, we will see what tomorrow brings.  Forecast for thunder showers again.

Friday May 24, 2013

I cycled to work everyday this week, in all weathers – Today I got up, looked out of the window and white stuff was falling from the sky! Yes it was snowing.  However, by the time I got out of the shower it had stopped and a weak sun was trying to push its way out, the roads were not too wet.  I chose to cycle again.  It was a little chilly, I had my winter leggings on, thicker jersey and warm jacket – my feet got a little cold but I can now say I am an all-weather cyclist.

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