No More Secrets

October 7, 2013

I have told the company that I work for that I am leaving. I was having a meeting with two of the partners, my annual performance review which was going very well, when they suggested that I should think about courses or professional development that I could take the following year.  I had to come clean.

I told them that I had a retirement plan in place. Then blurted out that our house is sold, the flights are booked and I would like my last day to be November 8, 2013.  A stunned silence followed, then I explained what I was doing and they were incredibly supportive and understanding.

Due to the workload and time to replace me they asked if I would work until the end of November.  My last day will be November 29, 2013, just 5 days before flying.  I have a few vacation days owing which I will take before we move so that I can pack.  The last two weeks were only going to be staying at a friends house, so I don’t mind working and training my replacement.

Yesterday I announced the Grand Adventure to the remainder of my colleagues in the Barrie office during our Monday morning meeting.  Of course I presented it as a PowerPoint presentation.  There were a lot of stunned people after that presentation, after all I am one of the oldest in the Barrie office and I am going to cycle around the world.  The remainder of the Company was also sent an announcement later in the day.

I am so relieved that everything went well with the announcement and have been encouraged to keep in touch and would be welcomed to return to work there if a position is available when I return.

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