Mini Adventure – June 2019

Mini Adventure Preparations

I usually write about our cycling adventures. This Mini-Adventure is not about cycling or even about Ralf and I taking a trip. This mini-adventure is a long promised trip with my friend Shelley.

Many years ago (while my parents were still alive) I had promised to take Shelley to England with me. Unfortunately, Shelley’s hubby did not want her to go and the trip was postponed. Fast forward 13+ years and we are finally going to England for our mini-adventure.

I have been planning this trip for about six months, where to go, what to see, how to get to those places.

All the planning has been done, the plane tickets have been purchased, the train tickets are booked, and the B & B’s have been reserved. We fly out tomorrow (June 7, 2019) from Montreal arriving in London on Saturday June 8, 2019.

The itinerary includes: Derbyshire to visit my sisters; the beautiful walled City of York, Edinburgh, the Lake District and London.

Shelley and I have always had a great time together, from our various trips to the Flower & Garden Show in Toronto, to visits to craft shows, even gnome hunting in the Church Woods in Shanty Bay. We both like being silly together and I know we will have a great time.

Shelley has only flown once in her life (45 years ago) and I hate flying, it could be an interesting flight. As Shelley said “Yikes”.

Stay tuned for the Mini-Adventure.

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5 Responses to Mini Adventure – June 2019

  1. Richard Tool says:

    Hope you two have a great adventure and a wonderful time.

  2. Janet Anspach-Rickey says:

    Sound like a really fun trip! Stephen and I are heading west on the Northern Tier in a couple of days. STill not sure what we will do when we get to Lake Champlain. How long do you plan to be in Europe? Janet

  3. Luke Wensing says:

    Hi Jacqui,
    we have just returned from the UK a day ago. when you visit Edinburgh, take the opportunity to visit FALKIRK by train and see “The Wheel” and “the Kelpies”. we did it by 2 together and then local buses, get a dayrider, and enjoy. Walk about a KM or so downhill from the station and ask a local for the bus interchange. we caaught one bus to the wheel, stayed about 2 hours then a bus back and switched to another bus…you would need to have a very pleasant one-mile walk to the kelpies but I guarantee it is worth it!
    Have fun,

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Hi Luke
      We are staying with a warmshowers host,(we hosted him this year as he cycled through our Town). He is taking us to the Kelpies today.

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