Home Sweet Home

Saturday and Sunday June 22 and 23, 2019

We were up early and out of the hotel by 7:45 a.m. We took the Gatwick Express to Gatwick. The Gatwick Express is a direct train with no stops and only takes half an hour. We got rid of the wonky wheeled suitcase as soon as we could and then cleared passport control and customs.

Gatwick terminal was really busy with lots of people vying for uncomfortable seats. There were a lot of shops to spend more money or the last of your money. On this trip someone had recommended spending the extra to go into the private lounges. I think next time, if we fly out of Gatwick it might be a good investment.

Eventually the departure board indicated the gate to depart from and we made our way down to the gate, where we were quickly called on to get on the plane.

The flight was a little bumpy, and I didn’t like the landing but that is the nature of flying. Of course, everyone got up as soon as the seat-belt sign was off and blocked the aisle. Shelley and I didn’t rush and then smiled when the Captain informed us that the plane was not docked at an International gate and we had to disembark from the back of the plane on to buses! We didn’t rush to get off as I knew we would have to wait for our luggage.

We had a self-check-in at Montreal and a double check by passport control who gave the declaration a cursory glance. Rather an anti-climax as we had kept receipts.

Ralf was picking us up from the airport. I wasn’t expecting him to be there waiting as he was coming after he had finished his morning shift with the City. I called him to tell him we would wait for him outside at Section D – the pick-up area. Absolute chaos! There were a couple of security guards who were trying to ensure that people didn’t park and leave their vehicles as this was a quick pick-up area. Not even time for a hug, throw the suitcases in the car and move on.

I witnessed one guy getting into a heated discussion with the security guy. The security guy threw his hands in the air, went to the back of the vehicle and proceeded to write a ticket. The car driver got in and drove off, without his passengers. He would have to make the circuit of the roads again.

Ralf arrived “ What a F$$king nightmare, A bunch of idiots”. We threw everything into the tiny Mazda , including Shelley and off we went home.

We managed to stay awake until 9:30 p.m. and then went to bed.

Sunday June 23, 2019


Shelley woke us at 7:30 a.m. wanting to go home. I suggested she stay and have breakfast as she was suffering from jet lag and she should at least have breakfast and a coffee before leaving. She was very jittery, with lack of sleep and anxious to get home.

I was angry with her and concerned about her. I figured the least she could do is have breakfast with us, but no, she insisted on going home.

Shelley called to say she was home safely. It had taken her less than four hours to drive home. Driving almost 30 kms over the speed limit all the way home. I think I had cause to be concerned. She said that there wasn’t much traffic on the Sunday morning.  Fortunately she was home safe.

All in all a good trip.

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