Flight Centre, Barrie (Essa Road)

I know most people do not use travel agents very often anymore, they go on-line and book their own flights etc.  Recommending a travel agent seems to be a bit redundant.  However, on a trip like this, when I need to ensure that I have sufficient baggage allowance for the bikes and more importantly, the bikes will be allowed on to the plane, I use a travel agent.  My company of choice is Flight Centre.

When booking my first flights from Canada to New Zealand and the follow-up flight from New Zealand to Australia I used the Flight Centre in Barrie on Essa Road. When I needed flights from Australia to the UK I used the Flight Centre in Brisbane. They are a great company.

However, Lindsay Swidersky went above and beyond on our most recent flights from Cuba to Tampa.  We needed flights from Cuba to Tampa Florida.  Due to the US restrictions we could not fly direct to Tampa.  As the internet in Cuba is limited and phone calls are prohibitively expensive it took Lindsay and me three days to get the flights sorted out.

Lindsay gave us three options to choose from, flying via Cayman Islands, flying via Canada or flying via Mexico City.  Lindsay checked about our bikes and additional costs etc.  She was incredibly patient with the limitations we had, but when I was ready to book she had all the information ready to go, emailed the confirmation of cost and emailed the tickets.  Awesome job Lindsay and Flight Centre Essa Road Barrie.

Now before you all go rushing to contact Lindsay to get her to book your flights she starts maternity leave on January 31, 2015.   But… I am sure anyone at Flight Centre Barrie will give you just as good service.

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