First Ice-Cream Ride – Midhurst

Sunday April 28, 2013

Our first long ride.  It was a beautiful day with temperatures touching 20 degrees.  The sun was out and to start we hardly had any wind, it did pick up slightly on the way home but it was a lovely ride.  We cycled our ice-cream route.  This is a route that takes us through Shanty Bay, up Line 3, down Old Barrie Road through Dalston and then into Midhurst.  We always stop at the General Store in Midhurst for an ice-cream.  This is the best ice-cream store in the area.  The ice-cream portions are huge and the price is right.  It is a perfect place to stop.  After we have our ice-cream we can choose two different routes home.  This week we decided to take the “short-cut” home.  We decided 65 kms was long enough for our first ride.

As we were coming home up Hurst, I must admit I was feeling a little tired.  When we made the turn on to Big Bay Point I spotted 4 cyclists ahead, decked out in BMC cycling gear, with high-end Tri-bikes.  I am not sure what possess me when I see a group of cyclists, but I have to chase them down and pass them.  Ralf had taken the lead coming up Hurst and was taking it steady.  I shouted to him to go and we both took off to catch the professionals and caught them up at the traffic lights, we all took of up the hill and Ralf battled it out with the shaved leg pro and I followed in third place. We saw the others reach the top of the hill as we cycled through the subdivision to make sure we got 65 kms on the computer.

Ralf was laughing as we got home.   Competitive – no not me.

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