Day 65 SiRacha to Nr. Samut Prakan – 75.56 kms

March 22, 2017

Another early start, which could have been earlier if we hadn’t stopped to chat to the owner of the apartment we stayed in last night. He was very nice and helped us with our bags and bikes down the stairs and took our photographs. He said we were very strong and no Thai female of my age would be able to do what I do. I told him that I have always cycled and for me it is an easy way to keep fit.

Although it was very nice of him to help us, we have such a routine that we had to double check that we had everything.

Today’s ride was one of the worst rides we have ever done. It wasn’t that the traffic was particularly bad or aggressive, it was the route, we cycled for 70 kms on a highway. Now we have cycled on highways a lot on this trip, as there doesn’t appear to be many alternatives, even the ‘B’ roads in this area are dual lane.

If I can explain how bad this route was let me try and describe it – for the Canadians imagine cycling in the collector lanes of Hwy 401 with the Gardiner Express running along the top of this road for 50 kms. For the English imagine cycling along the M1, add the A52 running along the side of that and cycling on the shoulder of that, not forgetting an over-pass all the way along this “new style” of road. Add to this delightful scenario a few food stalls along the shoulder where trucks, or cars stop on the shoulder to access these food stalls. This means that motorbikes and cyclists now have to ride in the main traffic lane. Oops I forgot to add the “shit for brains” motorbike riders and a couple of cars riding on the wrong side of the road towards you.

The shoulder was our lane!

The shoulder was our lane!

It was a delightful ride!!

We did stop once for a break at a gas station where Ralf spotted this plane and I spotted the lovely old Mercedes.

I'm Guessing it Missed the Airport

I’m Guessing it Missed the Airport



Our eyes were glued to the road in front of us today, all our attention was on the traffic. However, despite the awful road, I didn’t panic about the traffic. My wonderful hubby was my wing-man and was behind me all the way, I felt very protected.

We have a nice room tonight at the V Suvarnabhumi Apartments. A little small but very clean.

Our small but Clean Room

Our small but Clean Room

We were kept awake last night by the sounds of Karaoke. Tonight it will be the noise from the airport.  It would appear we are on the flight path to Bangkok International Airport!

Outskirting Bangkok tomorrow heading towards Kanchanburi.

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