Day 4 – Thames to Coromandel – 50.86

Total time 4 hrs 48

As I started the ride this morning I kept reminding myself to remember the first 30 kms, so that when I wrote this blog tonight it wasn’t all about the monster hills again.  The first 30 kms was a beautiful coastal road, with slighty rolling hills, very easy to manage.  The road was a little narrow with no shoulder most of the way but the scenery was stunning.  At Wilson’s Bay the monster hills started.  Up hill for the next 10 kms and then a very fast downhill, up hill for the next 5 kms and then another very fast downhill.  A short flat coastal plains road and then another uphill only 200 metres, then another fast downhill.  The final 10 kms into Coromandel were relatively flat and a nice wide road with a shoulder.  We booked into the YHA and set up camp.  We have another hard ride tomorrow, 40 kms and the first 5 kms are uphill!!  This is exhausting.  I think it might be time to take a day off.


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