Day 18 Hue to Bai bien Chan May – 62.76 kms

February 4, 2017

 It was raining while we were having breakfast. We decided to delay our leaving and didn’t leave until 10:00. The rain had stopped and Ralf navigated us out of Hue.

I know it is a little unusual to take photos of a Hearse, but they are so decorative in Vietnam.

Coloruful Hearse

Coloruful Hearse

We often see these colourful buildings, but don’t know what they are.

Temple Perhaps?

Temple Perhaps?

I am not sure what it is today, but I was getting really annoyed at the stupidity of the scooters and the car drivers and the non-existent infrastructure for roads.

We were heading out of town and no matter what intersection we came to there was no stop signs, or traffic lights. It was a free for all, one massive game of chicken. We came to a major intersection, near the train station, where we had to make the left turn. No traffic lights, one car went to the left of us the other to the right – no idea what happened behind us when they had to merge into one lane.

Then as we headed on the A1 we came into a small village and there was a set of traffic lights at an intersection. The road to the left was a dirt track! It makes no sense to me at all.

I was very frustrated with the scooter drivers today. I even swore at one guy. Shocked the hell out of him. He came out of a side street and came along side me to the right of me. If he had waited ten seconds he could have passed me safely on the left. No, he slowed down, expecting me to move over into the traffic behind me. I told him to piss off and ran him into the gutter. He managed to get out of the gutter and sped up away from me. I might have scared him.

At one point, we saw a car make a U-Turn in front of us, crossing on to the other side of the A1, in front of a transport that was going at speed. As Ralf said “It takes a special kind of stupid to do that”. No accident just a lot of honking of horns.

Then, of course, we follow the A1 and it goes through a tunnel, the sign on the outside of the tunnel says No Bikes. We are bad we put our rear lights on and headed into the short (500 m) tunnel.

Tunnel - No Bikes

Tunnel – No Bikes

When we came out of the tunnel, there were some “stores” selling yellow liquid in a bottle.  Then we saw the stills.  These little moon shiners were along the side of the road for about a kilometre.

The scenery is getting better as we go further south.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe saw this bright orange bike ahead of us, we passed the two boys and then we had to take a photo of them.  The bike was so bright.

Bright Orange Bike

Bright Orange Bike

We arrived in the village at about 2:00, we made really good time. The village had a little market and a few shops, along the waterfront there are some fish restaurants. Lots to choose from, however the guest house cooked dinner and breakfast is included.

We went for a nice walk around the village.

Baby Water Buffalo

Baby Water Buffalo

While Ralf was taking photos of water buffalo, a fella came up to me on his scooter, with his two children. His English was o.k. he worked at the port along the coast. It was a good job, he had worked there for 10 years. He had lived in Russia for 6 years, but it was very cold.He told me Vietnam was very poor – I am not so sure about that we saw a Lamborghini being transported today. Yes, there are some very poor people in Vietnam and there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor. It is very difficult for some people to get ahead and the average wage is only $160.00 per month. But as I said when we were in Cuba their general living expenses are a lot less than in North America. However, the Vietnamese are not as well looked after as the Cubans – the Cubans get free health care, free education and a pension when they finish work.

Three on a Scooter

Three on a Scooter

The beach area is very nice and the area is very popular in the summer.

As we walked along the beach we noticed patterns in the sand.  They are made from either a crab or some mollusc, really neat.

Sand Pictures

Sand Pictures

Tonight we are staying in a simple guest house, the Nguyet Anh Guest House, it is not very clean. The owner is cooking dinner for us and we get breakfast included. Reminds me a little of a casa particular.

The sun came out half-way through the ride and I knew we should put cream on, but it is hard when you already are sweaty from the humidity to then put sun screen on. My mistake, both Ralf and I have red arms tonight.

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, something moved on my bedside table! My dearly beloved instead of killing the thing immediately gets his camera out to take a photo. Then he had to smack it twice before he managed to kill it and throw it out on to the balcony.

I hope we stay somewhere nice tomorrow night in Hoi An as we are having another rest day.  Hoi An is another historic Town.

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  1. Tabi says:

    Yesterday’s traffic was Crazy! It was the worst we’ve had as we came in to Hue. We saw a lot of weddings in the coutryside, so maybe it was all the partying and weekend activities. Today seemed very slightly better around town and we’re hoping it will be more normal tomorrow as we head to Lang Co. We should be in Hoi An day after tomorrow.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      We are in Hoi An and are here until Wednesday (leaving Wednesday). We are staying at a homestay called the Hoi An homestay just outside of the Old City. Very clean just under $20 Cdn per night. I am guessing there are a lot of people heading home after the New Years holiday as well. Stay safe.

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