Wednesday September 30, 2015

A really good nights sleep. After breakfast, we headed over the river to Halifax and booked the train to Toronto. We got a discount because we are HI members, and opted to book a cabin on the train instead of going cheap. If we had booked flights it would have been slightly cheaper initially, but then we would have had to add on the cost of the bikes, and extra bags, it would have worked out to be about the same price. Now we get a chance to have a nice train trip and one last bike ride from Toronto to Barrie on Sunday.

We went out for a nice lunch with Shaun. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to change for the worse, rain, rain and more rain.  Glad we will not be riding in it.

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7 Responses to Dartmouth

  1. Bob says:

    Do you know your route into Barrie and rough timing?

  2. nikki says:

    Should I say welcome home or keep riding?

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Welcome Home is good, although we will be riding again next year. End of Grand Adventure Part One

  3. Richard Tool says:

    So what happens once you get to Barrie? When does Part Two begin and where? Once again, beautiful pictures Ralf. I think your picture taking gets better as you travel. Enjoy your train ride. I love trains, too bad we don’t invest more funds and time into a better rail system. But if we did the oil companies might lose some of there profits, and we can’t have that. You two stay safe and enjoy. Love your blog, you two are doing a great job with it.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Part Two will be “planned” during our winter hibernation in cold Barrie. Initial thoughts are Germany along the Rhine and across to Austria, Czech Republic, old Yugoslavia, across to Italy and train it back to Frankfurt or fly from Rome. Starting end of April early May. Ralf is going to contact the German embassy to see if he can get a six month stay in Europe.

  4. Richard Tool says:

    Sounds absolutely fantastic. I love that part of Europe.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      It is tough settling back into a routine, but nice to sleep in the same bed for more than one night.

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