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Finally I have had time to make changes to the Blog. As I looked at the website I realized that if someone wanted to read about our adventures in New Zealand or Cuba or any other of the countries that we visited, they would have to know when we went to those areas or read the blog from the beginning to the end. To make it easier for navigation I have added additional categories of all the countries we visited during the Grand Adventure Part One. Now you can look at the side-panel of the web-site click on the drop-down menu and view the countries we visited. Alternatively, you can always start from the beginning (December 2013) and read each post. The next thing I want to update is the actual routes we took in each country. Hopefully, I can add this before we head out on the Part Two of the Grand Adventure.

I have also added a countdown to the Grand Adventure Part Two. I never thought I would say that “Due to work commitments” we cannot leave on the Grand Adventure Part Two until after Christmas, but we will be leaving in the second week in January. We still have to decide whether to fly into Hanoi and visit Vietnam first or fly in to Thailand.

I am leaning towards flying into Vietnam first, cycling down the coast and across into Cambodia, up to Siem Reap and into Thailand, finishing in Bangkok. Because of our later departure to South East Asia, we are going to add South Korea and Japan into the mix. After Thailand, we will fly to South Korea, cycle from Seoul to Busan then take the ferry into Japan and fly home from Tokyo early May. I will then be hired back at the Greenhouse for the summer.

I have recently read a blog that says the prevailing winds are from north to south in Vietnam, so it would make sense to fly into Hanoi first and cycle down the coast. Plus it is flatter (a few hills) but it would be an easier route to start with before heading to the slightly hillier area of Cambodia and Thailand.

More to follow on the planning and equipment we will be taking on Part Two.

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2 Responses to Changes to the Website/Blog

  1. Richard Tool says:

    Good job. Makes following the blog easier. I see those months listed and it doesn’t seem like you two were gone that long. Again, good job.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Glad you like, I have a friend who may be able to help me with mapping the next trip. We will see how that works.

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