Car versus Bike

Wednesday September 4, 2013

When people see that as a title they usually envision the worst that there was an accident and the bike came of worse.  This is a much more fun tale.

As you know my bicycle is called Mrs. Sweetcheeks, the VP of the Company I work for has personalized license plates – Brady Lk.  This is the bike versus car.

Mrs SweetCheeks and Brady Lk leave the office at the same time.  Sweetcheeks catches up with Brady Lk at the first set of traffic lights, waves to driver.  Both make it through the advance green.  Brady Lk gets stopped at the next three sets of traffic lights – Sweetcheeks joins the cycle trail and blows by Brady Lk – ringing bell and giving a friendly wave.  Brady Lk passes SweetCheeks with a friendly wave, but then gets stopped at the next set of traffic lights.  SweetCheeks passes Brady Lk before the left turn onto Lakeshore Drive.  See you at Hurst Sweetcheeks shouts.

Then the Mark Cavendish clone takes over, heart pounding, legs pumping, lungs bursting SweetCheeks takes off flying up the trail to Minets Point Road and Hurst.

At the traffic lights SweetCheeks waits to make her left turn, but doesn’t see Brady Lk.  Could she have beaten him or had he passed her while she was in the wooded area away from the road.

Next morning Brady Lk admits he knew SweetCheeks would beat him home as he had seen her pass the Southshore Centre before making the right turn and didn’t want to lose to a cyclist so took the long way home.

Bikes Rule – Commute to work it is so much fun.

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