Big Agnes

We bought our tent for the Grand Adventure from Big Agnes.  It is a 3-person tent which gives us ample room under the fly to keep our panniers safe and sound.  It is big enough inside to put our Thermarest sleeping cots.

It is a great tent and Big Agnes is a great Company with incredible customer service.  We know their customer service is great because we have had a couple of problems with the tent.  The first problem was while we were in Australia, the zip on one of the doors on the main body of the tent was failing.  The teeth were coming away from the material.  We contacted Big Agnes who asked us to send them photos of the effected area.  After seeing the photos, no problem we will send you a new tent body.  By the time we got to my nephew’s place in Brisbane the new tent body was waiting for us.

The second problem was with the fly.  We had used the tent almost every day in New Zealand, Australia, England and Scotland and were finding some areas leaking on the fly.  The worst instance was while we were in Ireland and had to put our spare tarp inside the tent to stop the deluge of rain coming into the tent.  Again we contacted Big Agnes who advised us to reseal the seams.  We did that and it worked for a few months.  We were putting this tent through some awful conditions, heat, rain and humidity.  Eventually it started to leak again.  Again we contacted Big Agnes prior to heading for Cuba for 3 months.  We explained the situation again and they said they would send us a new fly.  We asked them to send it to our friends in Florida which they did at no charge.

Great Customer Service Big Agnes – thanks.  We are ready for Southern Tier leg of the Grand Adventure.

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  1. Richard Tool says:

    Sounds like a great company. Customer service is a must, and it’s getting harder to find.

    • Winter-Rides says:

      Big Agnes tents are great, although it is cold in Florida at the moment so we hope we can stay warm in the tent!

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