Arkel Rocks

July 24, 2013

We have all of our panniers for the Grand Adventure.  Or at least I thought we had.

Ralf decided he would like to have a different set of rear panniers to take on the Grand Adventure.  We had bought two sets of the Dolphin 48

at Christmas and I was very happy with them.

Ralf happened to be checking the Arkel website for brackets for his front rack and spotted the Arkel 54 and decided that the whole set up was better than the Dolphin 48

What was the chances of returning the Arkel Dolphin 48 and swapping them to the Arkel 54 (six months later).  It only took a phone call – not a problem return Ralf’s set of the Dolphins there would be a restocking fee they would credit the cost of the Dolphins towards the 54 and voila Ralf gets matching front and rear red panniers.

They should be here tomorrow.  Excellent service once again from Arkel.

Both bikes loaded!

Three Loaded Bicycles

Three Loaded Bicycles


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