An Urban Ride

August 24, 2016

Other than cycling to work, I don’t often ride on my own anymore. Before we left on our Grand Adventure I would often add kilometres after my days work. Now I am working at the Greenhouse, I am physically tired at the end of the day. Consequently, I ride straight home – uphill admittedly, but no extra kilometres.

Ralf has started his new job and is working Monday to Friday and I am working most week-ends, we don’t get to ride together very often.

Ralf is far more dedicated and focussed than I am when it comes to getting out on his own and going for a ride. I knew I had to get out and do some distances. However, I often have things that I want to get done on my days off. I created a hill training ride, which is short but incorporated three hills.  This enables me to get out for a ride, but still get the other “stuff” done.

The ride is only 17 ks but the three hills have a total elevation gain of 365 metres.

Today, I was really enjoying my ride and after I had finished my second hill and heading down again ready to the third hill, I realized I was really enjoying being on the bike.

I decided not to head back up the last hill and carried along the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. It was a relaxing ride for this section. After I had cycled through the downtown and along Kempenfelt Drive I turned around and headed back along the lakeshore and followed the cycle path to the end at Minets Point. This used to be my ride home and it was always a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

I headed up Hurst Drive and decided to carry on down the hill on Big Bay Point Road and with the momentum from the downhill I got to the top without too much effort. I was really enjoying this ride, then a stupid car drive spoiled it for me. We were coming to a set of traffic lights and the lights were on green, we were within 10 yards of the intersection, I was going straight through. She came along side of me with her right indicator flashing, I looked at her and her passenger and indicated that I was going straight through. She had to stop to let me carry on through the intersection, why did she even come along side me – what was she thinking?

The rest of the ride was uneventful and enjoyable. There were road-works on Mapleview and I kept up with the slowing car drivers, the big pick-up behind me stayed behind me and gave me a little wave as he passed me when the road widened out. There are always idiots on the road, but there are also good considerate car drivers, the good drivers far out weight the idiots.

urban-rideIt was a lovely ride that was supposed to be 17 kms but ended up at 42 kms – lovely.

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