Alternative Transportation

July 17, 2013

On Thursday I led a Trek Women ride –usually it is Wednesday night, but there was a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, so we cycled Thursday instead.  We cycled Ralf’s Big Bay Point Loops and added a couple of loops through the subdivision to make it a 23 km route.  As we were about to join the 25th SideRoad in Innisfil a young man passed the top of the street on a long board (similar to a skateboard but longer and wider).  He was moving – We had paused for a few minutes at the Stop sign and then continued our ride.  By this time the young man was about 500 metres in front of us. Our average speed was 20 kph and we were not catching up to this guy.  As we passed the bottom of Big Bay Point Road, there is a slight downhill and we had a tail-wind – he was still about 500 metres in front.  I came along side the other rider in my group and said I have to catch up with him to see what speed he is doing, see you at the bottom of Mapleview.  I topped 40 kms to catch up with him and tailed him for about 100 metres, his average speed was 20.1 kms  Awesome.

I have in the past assumed alternative transportation was bicycles, walking and public transit I now add long-boards to this list.  If you can maintain an average speed of over 15 kms per hour for 5 kms you definitely have alternative transportation.  Show long boarders some respect.  If we can only teach them to respect the rules of the road I would be really happy – but of course, some cyclists have to be educated as well.

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