A Westerly Ride

August 2019

As mentioned previously our rides most often take us west. The prevailing winds come from the west and it is nice to get the tail wind coming along the Thousand Island Parkway home. I take this westerly ride so often I forget to take pictures.

As I had ridden along the Parkway on a short out and back last Thursday I noticed that the gardens were looking particularly lovely. I decided that the next time I came along the Parkway I would take photos of the prettiest gardens of the St. Lawrence.

I often do the Thursday ride on my own, but today Ralf joined me and suggested we head out to Rockport for ice-cream (a 60 km ice-cream ride). On our way back from Rockport I would stop at a garden and ask Ralf to take a photo of the garden, he was very accommodating. It was a lovely ride. 


Enjoy the photos.

On Ralf’s last ride past Jones Creek he had noted how much garbage was there. He had tidied it up and was going to show me how dirty it was under the bridge in the other areas that he could not get to. The fishermen often use this area to fish or launch their boats and Ralf had said it looked like a tip. Obviously someone else had come along and was equally disgusted by the mess as it had been recently tidied. We noticed a kayaker sitting near the bridge and she told us that someone in a kayak had cleaned it up about half an hour earlier.

It is so disappointing for us to see so much garbage left alongside our roadways. As a cyclist you really notice the beer cans and coffee cups. In this particular area (Jones Creek) there is an unregulated parking area but no garbage cans.

We chatted to her for a short while, she told us that they were going to put their kayaks in the water there but had forgotten the paddles. Her husband had gone back to the campsite to get the paddles.

My dearly beloved turned to her and said; “This is the first time I have met someone who is actually up the creek without a paddle” groans all around.

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