2020 – A Year to Remember

January 10, 2021

What can one say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said. The lack of posts in 2020 should have indicated to you that it wasn’t a good year for memorable cycling adventures.

This blog isn’t about our cycling adventures because there wasn’t any in 2020, although I did have a lot planned.

I had planned cycling in Quebec – the Blueberry route and Petit Nord Train, New York State and Ottawa/Kingston and our local area. Obviously, this did not come to fruition due to Covid-19 and the high numbers of infections in Quebec and Ottawa.

I mistakenly thought that 2020 was going to be a great year. 2020, it just rolled of the tongue, 2020 a year to remember, to enjoy, to have fun, to look back on.

It certainly was a year to remember, never to forget.

However, the start of the year was good for us.  We had plans. We renovated our en-suite bathroom and it is fabulous. Ralf became a bit of a handy person and renovated the powder room. He also replaced all our out dated hinges and handles with brushed nickel and they look great.

In February I got a new part-time job and was learning about wealth management from the other side of the fence. I was classed as an essential worker and was able to continue with my new job throughout the lock-down. It was nice to be able to walk to work every day, only a 15 minute walk.

By March Covid-19 had begun to spread around the world and lock-downs were happening. Schools were closed after the March break, first for a month then longer until it was decided the children would not go back to school until the fall (autumn) semester. At that time Ralf decided not to go back to school bus driving. He was laid off from the City Transit job for two months as the City decided that they could reduce the transit runs. As the Covid-19 numbers dropped during the summer months, the lock-down was reviewed and stores were reopened. Ralf was back at work for the City. In our Region the Covid-19 numbers were low and life seemed to be going back to some semblance of normality. Although the new normal was social distancing and wearing masks. We were able to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with a meal out at our favourite Brockville Restaurant – the Buell Street Bistro. We ate on their patio on a lovely warm August evening and laughed and reminisced about our life together. It has been good.

I decided to create a vegetable garden and a flower bed that would attract bees and butterflies. We enjoyed the fruits of my labour throughout the summer – it was lovely to eat fresh lettuce, onions, radishes and tomatoes.  I planted garlic in September which we will be able to enjoy next summer, if the squirrels haven’t stolen them and replanted them somewhere else.

We had our first outdoor bike ride in the middle of March and the weather gradually improved getting warmer and warmer as each month passed. I got out fairly regularly in April and May riding to Lynn and along the Parkway. By the time June, July and August came around we had a scorcher of a summer. The average temperatures were in the high 80’s, thank goodness for air conditioning. Unfortunately, for me this meant that when I came home from work at 1:30 it was too hot for me to ride, my riding was restricted to the week-ends when we could get out earlier in cooler temperatures and be home before noon.

Ralf was able to get out more as his schedule allowed. He was just short of his 5,000 km goal (4,500 kms).

As the weather turned cooler in September and October I did go out for some rides after finishing work. It is always nice to see the leaves changing colour and feel the crisp air and still have some warm days to ride.

Autumn Ride

November, I brought my road bike in and was determined to motivate myself to work out on the trainer. That lasted for about two weeks! However, my last outdoor ride was December 11 on MrsSweetCheeks, just a short City ride with my new Garmin firmly attached and recording 20 kms.

December 11 Last Ride

2020 was a huge let down for cycling, I only managed to cycle 1,800 kms this year, Ralf and I survived the lock-downs, the restricted movement and financially we did well.

I am planning rides for 2021. I don’t think we will go into Quebec. Our summer plans will be to cycle in Ontario, possibly rent a cottage somewhere or week-ends away and live vicariously through other cycling blogs.

Last year we only hosted one cyclist in May. Jessie was cycling from Toronto to Montreal. We were able to social-distance and she had a Covid test prior to starting her cycling trip, which reassured us that she was sensible and would not put us or herself at unnecessary risk. However, we decided not to host anyone for the remainder of the summer. We certainly missed meeting people and hosting, although we didn’t see as many touring cyclists this year as in previous summers. We will see what this year brings.

As the Covid-19 numbers move back up again throughout December and January, and lock-downs are back in place Ralf and I continue to manage our fitness and mental health. We have committed to getting out every Sunday either for snow-shoeing, skiing or a walk. Mentally it recharges us we get some fresh air, we talk and enjoy being with each other.

The Covid-19 vaccine is being rolled out around the world and I will have it when it is available, which for me will probably be later this year. I believe it will be a requirement to travel anywhere in the world, no different from all the jabs we got when we embarked on our two year Grand Adventure.

I am not going to say 2021 is going to be a great year as I was so wrong with 2020. However, I am an optimist and I think together we can make it a good year.

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  1. Janet Anspach-Rickey says:

    Hi Jacky,
    So good to hear from you. We cycled all year long! We were in Arizona on a cycle trip when the pandemic hit in March. We got home just before things started shutting down. The roads were so quiet locally we just kept riding. It was like going back in time 50 years!
    In June some of our club ventured over to Idaho to ride the Centennial Trail, the Coeur d’Alene Trail and the Hiawatha Trail. We saw moose! Had a great time.
    In August we drove down to Eastern Oregon and cycled with our club in Silverton and in Bend for a week and a half.
    Then in September our small group went to the San Juan Islands and spent a week riding.
    We rode all year three times a week in our bubble! We couldn’t do our Montana trip so we just stayed local. The Montana trip we had booked was going to go through Glacier and Waterton Parks. We had places all reserved but they all let us cancel. Darn. That would have been very cool.
    In October I went flying off my bike in the rain and I broke my nose, fractured my pelvis in three places and bruised my ribs with a blunt force trauma to them. I was laid up and we couldn’t get up our stairs to our studio apartment so we moved into the main house where we were renting. Long story short, we bought the house so we are home owners once again and we are right down on the beach of Liberty Bay in Poulsbo! I was riding on a trainer within four weeks and back on my ebike in six weeks! We have over 24,000 miles on the ebikes now!
    We love it our beach house. Everything just fell into place for us to buy it.
    So far we are not planning any more travel until this pandemic is under control. Thank God that awful man is out of the white house in a couple of weeks. How embarrassing. We sure hope Joe Biden can get things back on track again!
    Oh, we have gone whole food plant based! My cholesterol dropped 50 points in three months and Stephen’s dropped 79 points in six months! We have both dropped 26 pounds and 22 pounds respectively. We have lots of energy and feel great. Love eating this way! We are getting younger each year!
    Take care. Hope to hear more from you. Janet

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