Connecting with People

Monday June 17, 2019

Edinburgh to Oxenholme

We said our farewells to Andrew, and took the bus to Haymarket Train Station. It is the station closest to Andrew’s house and only has four platforms – can’t go wrong!.

Bike Racks

This meant we didn’t have to worry about the walk from the bus stop to the Main Station and possibly getting on the wrong train again. However, it did mean that all the luggage spaces were taken and there wasn’t any room for Shelley’s case. We managed to shove it under the table with a little help from the women across the aisle.

I got my computer out and was going to update the blog. Shelley greeted the couple that we were sitting with who were from Ecuador. The computer did not get turned on. We chatted all the way to Oxenholme with this lovely couple (Ramero and Valerie). He was a gastroenterologist and was attending a conference in Birmingham. They added another couple of weeks to their trip to visit Scotland.

Ramero’s English was better than Valerie’s, but she managed really well and of course their English was better than my Spanish. We talked about different dialects, languages and Ecuador.

I really wanted to update the blog as I was so far behind, but there is a time and place to connect to the wired world and a time and place to connect to the here and now. I learnt so much about Ecuador, the indigenous peoples and even a little bit about gastroenterology.

We arrived in Oxenholme and should have had a 15 minute wait for our next train to Windermere. Unfortunately they were missing a driver, I did offer to drive the train for them, but they declined the offer. We had over an hour to kill. We were told there was a nice pub up the hill with really good food. Off we went dragging our suitcases behind us.

If we turned left there was a beejesus hill, if we turned right it went downhill and there was a sign post to the Village. Which way to go. I asked a young girl who was attached to her cell phone if she could find the pub for us – yep up the hill to the left.

In the meantime, my best bud had chatted up an old English gentlemen who offered to take us to the pub in his car. We piled our suitcases in his car and he dropped us at the pub. How nice was that.

We both had a superb lunch and at 2:00 headed back down the hill to the train station. There were now lots of people waiting for the train and all congregating around the middle of the platform. I maneuvered us through the crowd to the front of the train and eventually the doors opened and we settled ourselves in for the short 30 minute ride to Windermere.

Once again we got into conversation with our fellow passengers. An Indian family whose eldest daughter was about to graduate from St. Andrews University and was not keen to return to Delhi. The father was a very proud father who told us she was graduating with honours and on the Dean’s list and will go on to get her Masters. The youngest daughter would graduate next year.

After arriving in Windermere we took the bus to Bowness. Andrew had checked out where we needed to get off the bus for our B&B, what a lovely, caring person.

Of course we chatted to a couple at the bus stop about the weather. “We have had a lot of mizzle” she said. What a great description of drizzle, mist and rain – mizzle!

We arrived at our B&B, which is very nice and clean, We walked down to the lake to check out the ferry timetable and headed back to the B&B with a bottle of wine and a bag of crisps!

The wired world can rob us of connecting with real people.


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